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A Joyful and Abundant Life Is Within Reach

Intuitive Healing & Spiritual Life Coaching

Finding Your Magic

Hello Beautiful Souls,
I am so happy the Universe has brought us together.  The path to rediscovering our true Self is a journey of Self-Reflection, Self-Love, Faith and Healing.  
I am blessed to have walked this magickal path for over 20 years, embracing my shadows and committed to living my authentic life.

We all have the scars where our experiences of fear, anger, loss and hurt get contained.  These are also known as our shadows which can be triggered at any time and can have a profound affect on us living unfulfilled dreams.

Facing my shadows was one of the hardest things I ever did, but with faith and resilence I learned the importance of having a positive mindset and a grateful heart to manifest and invite abundance into my life.


Are you ready to find the magic within you?

Pink Sand

The Journey Towards Self-Discovery Begins on the Path of Self Love.
Begin Your Journey Today.

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Intentional Living

When we live intentionally,,  we bring consciousneness to something by connecting to the life energy within ourselves, our energetic blueprints.  Intention is the combination of mindset and vibrational energy where one consciously places attention on their emotional frequency so one not only has a better experience, but one is happier too. 

Intentional living is about making the decision to live the life you want everday. It's about being unapologetically you and designing a life that aligns with your heart and soul. It's time to stop listening to your fear voice and adhering to the expectations and perceptions of others.  It's time to choose only what truly nourishes you and aligns with your truth.

Join me in The Cauldron where together we honor the cycles of the moon and the planets, explore the monthly energies through the tarot, and we help eachother rise above our judgments and fears, social conditioning and stories, knowing and believing at the deepest level that we are all worthy of joy.   


The Cauldron Feed

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