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Welcome.  I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, intuitive energy healer, author and way-shower known as the ‘Soulwhisperer’. 

I've always felt a knowing in my soul.  A calling that I was here  for a purpose and every synchronistic moment in my life since seems to deepen my calling.

Leo Sun, Aquarius Rising, Pisces Moon.  I was born into a middle-class home, the oldest of three.  As I grew, I was taught of right and wrong.  I was taught, how to think, how to live, how to believe in a way that made me fearful to deviate from societal norms.  To disagree, was to risk alienation from family and society and so hid my true thoughts and feelings behind a mask for most of my life.

Deep inside me was a voice aching to be heard. As expected of me, I graduated college, married, and had two beautiful children.  My 15 year marriage was a reflection of my childhood, I had been hiding behind the expectations and perceptions of others for so long it was destroying me, I needed to stop putting everyone else's opinions above my own, I needed to break free; and ultimately divorced. I spent the next few years learning to co-parent, juggle life as a single career mom, and create a new life for myself and boys. 


Shattered and broken unable to breathe.  After an emotional breakdown, a few impactful and awakening experiences, unfulfilled relationships and career, and issues with self-worth and abandonment, I realized it was time to move in a new direction, and swim outside my comfort zone, stop listening to my fear voice and explore new ways of being.  This is where my personal healing journey began. 


The bird sings because they have a song not a message. To help me with my healing I turned to divinition, where I was quickly met by my spirit guides and healing team.   After two years of searching for the song in my heart on my own healing journey,  I had finally met the most important person in my life...Me


The inner critic is alwas reminding us of our fears.  With my hands trembling I resigned from Corporate America in January 2022.   I am now dedicated to the service of healing others.  From my own personal healing journey,  I have created a path that merges spirituality and healing so others can find the song in their heart and love with courage, live with confidence, and have the wisdom to abide by their own authenticity. 


Love & Light


My Story

My Mission

My mission continues to evolve.  Today, I am committed to sharing not only my intuitive connection to Spirit, but the wisdom, experiences, and lessons I have learned from my own personal journey.


My Training


BA in Music Therapy

BA in Women's Studies 

BA in Psychology


Intuitive Healing

Sound Energy Healing

Theta Healing

Biofield Clearing/Healing

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