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mama moon

 Let the Moon be your guide Integrate the moon cycles in every day life harness the energetics of the moon cycle to uplevel your manifestation skills, reconnect with your intuition, and become a Master Manifestor!

For thousands of years, people throughout history have seen the benefits of working with the Lunar cycles in their daily lives. Just as a farmer will see the New Moon to First Quarter as a ‘fertile’ time, a Moonologer™ sees this phase as ripe to dream your dreams and start your goals. I can work with you as your Moonology™ coach to give you the tools to take control of your life, dreaming big then releasing what does not serve you, whilst working in tune with your birth chart and the Moon’s cycles to activate your dreams and goals, becoming the conscious co-creator of your best life.

Applied Moonology then combines this information with the Zodiac and the 12 Houses which represent a different area of your daily life, allowing you to look at each area over the course of a year. It’s the ultimate in life planning but in a gentle, exciting and ultimately magical way

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