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Healing with the Tarot

I love incorporating the tarot in the healing journey.  This approach helps to delve deep into our psyche to discover the subconscious programming and patterns that govern our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  It also provides insight into our highest potential.


By accessing the deepest corners of our mind and the wisdom of our soul, we become more self-aware.  Awareness is 85% of the healing journey.  The more self-aware we become, the more we are able to choose to respond differently to our triggers than we may have in the past and step into our higher purpose by taking real and concrete action towards living our best life.

My Style

I am a consultative reader.  I do not focus on fate-based questions (will, when, should, is, where, who), or on Yes/No questions and I will not provide dates/timelines.


With that, you'll find that I take time with you in the intake process to understand your intentions and to assist you in establishing a deeper connection to yourself and the Divine within you, to fully recognize your true nature and your true-self.


Reach out to me on my Contacts page with a request.  I will follow up with a discussion and a quote

Interested in a Reading separate from my Coaching?

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