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2022 - Universal '6' Year

The Lovers: This year is about relationships. Relationship between Yourself and Others. It is about loving all of our personalities through all seasons of the year. It is about staying grounded in our faith and bringing our inner peace to others.

6 of Cups/Vessels: Reunion

Self: On a personal level this is a reunion with your true nature. Reflect on past lessons throughout the year for reassurance that you are on the right path. This will allow you to make any adjustments.

Collective: This is reunion with Others. While many soul contracts have expired others are just beginning.

6 of Pentacles/Stones: Exploitation

Self: Remain aware throughout the year using discernment to determine if/when you are being manipulated, censored, being asked to conform or put in a position where you are unable to question authority or voice disagreement.

Collective: Obedience can be influenced by society. Do not feel like you need to conform and obey without question. Be aware and conscious of what is being asked of you (as a collective) and only 'obey' if it sits well with your conscience.

6 of Wands/Bows: Abundance

Self: You have endured a lot over the past year and planted many seeds, 2022 is a time to reap in the benefits and enjoy the fruits of your work, with this comes healing.

Collective: Be grateful for what you have and remember to be generous with others as giving is healing.

6 of Air/Arrows: Transition

Self: 2022 is a time to employ new ways of being and continue releasing old behaviors and limiting beliefs . Trust in who you are and have faith in where you're going.

Collective: Transitions can be difficult, they often mark the end of something and the beginning of something unknown. Reflect on your lessons, and lean on your faith, remember the times the universe supported and provided for you exactly when it was needed.

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