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Taurus New Moon/Solar Eclipse

What should I reflect on at this time?

Empowerment: Take time to reflect on the work you've done, wounds you've healed, and the person you've become by honoring your true-self and standing in your power.

How should I receive downloads at this time?

Curiosity: Applying the practice of curiosity can provide the pause required to question and understand the message/situation giving your the power to respond from a deeper wisdom instead of reacting out of fear or judgment.

How should I look after myself

Remembrance: Remembrance is an important practice to incorporate in our Divine journey. We should never forget the experiences that have made us who we are and remember who we are, where we came from and how the universe has supported and provided for us in the past. It's memory that transmutes into faith and trusting in divine timing and the divine plan.

What needs to change?

Balance: Balance is a state of being - like everything in the universe there is a polarity to balance. While we can't be in balance all the time every day, it is important to be attuned to what dimension of our life we are loosing focus on and take the time to shift so mind, body and spirit are as close to balanced as possible.

How do I transform?

Manifest: To transform we need to have clear focused goals, dreams and aspirations. We need to be clear with our intentions and exactly what we want and then we need to ask the universe for it; through prayer, meditation, writing it down, a vision board.

Bottom of the deck:

Harmony: When mind, body and soul are in balance and working together in harmony we raise the frequency of our lives and invite joy and abundance into every dimension of our life.

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